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Specialty Items from
Jos, Nigeria, West Africa

All Nigerian Goods are SOLD OUT
No new shipment is expected at this time

Hand-crafted, unique items including baskets, necklaces, calabash bowls, bone letter openers, bags, wallets, hand-carved mahogany items, clothing. As these items are hand-crafted by Nigerian artisans from villages around Jos they are one-of-a-kind, and no two will be exactly alike although they may be similar. Any irregularities in these items should be considered part of the art. 

When we get another contact in Nigeria, we will be able to order some more of the items shown on this site. It will take some time to get to you, but you will not be billed until item is shipped to you. Clothing will be ordered to your specifications: size, approximate color, embroidery or plain.

Although not tax-deductible, a large portion of the profits from these items will be used in a Nigerian Mission Project to build an American Style Christian School (check out the Living Way Mission Page for current information).

Lady CHB's eldest daughter, her husband and son (the cutest, brightest 2 1/2 year old in the world) are the reason for this site. They are the ones that have undertaken this project in Nigeria and the proceeds from these sales will by used by them to continue their mission. Thank you for your support.

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